2010 Long Term Care Guide Including Healthcare Reform Update  
  Now that we have Health Reform, which is better for you: public or private long term care insurance? This FREE REPORT gives you the facts.

2010 guide

The Government has signaled that all American adults, except those eligible for Medicaid, need long term care insurance. And with Health Reform, you have expanded choice.

But choose NOW or the choice may be made for you.

Millions will be AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED in the public LTC plan (specified in the CLASS Act section of the Health Reform bill) UNLESS THEY OPT OUT (Source).



Before this choice is made for you or for a member of your family, learn the costs and benefits of the public versus private plans. Pick the one that's best for your situation. Get the free 2010 Long Term Care Guide for all the facts you need. Also get on the waiting list for a free by-phone comparative analysis, including costs, of the competing plans -- based on your age, health and financial circumstances.

This is a solicitation for long term care insurance. A state-certified agent will contact you. In California, the company is known as LTC Partners & Insurance Services, LLC.

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